Our Beloved Prophet ﷺ said,

“Allah is beautiful and He loves beauty.” 

(Saheeh Muslim)


— Our Mission —

We like to dream up new and creative products that help the contemporary Muslim strengthen their connection with Allah everyday.

— Our Story —

Beauty has a huge impact on our spirituality. Developing beautiful surroundings and using beautiful items for our everyday use helps us to develop an environment of peace and tranquility that helps us strengthen our connection with Allah.

Seeing beauty is also a constant reminder to us of the perfect design with which Allah has created this world. And, the beauty of this world is a slight insight into the beauty of our Creator.

With this in mind, Imaan Lifestyle Co was born as a Dubai based online Islamic lifestyle store with the purpose of helping Muslims beautify their relationship with Allah.

We fuse our values of love, care, spirituality, creativity and modernity to bring you a wide range of exciting products.